See below for web links relating to model agreements in the field of art and culture, z.B. for Architectuur (architecture), artiest individualeel (individual artist), artiestegezelschap (performing companies), diskjockey (DJ), gastdirigent (Gastdirigent), gastchoreograaf in gastregi (Gastchoreograf, Gastregitre), gastdocent, gastrepetitor, gastballetmeester, gastballetmeester, gastassistent choreograaf (guest teacher, guest ballet master, assistant choreographer), art- in cultuureducatie (artistic pedagogy) and muziekdocent (music teacher). The Dutch tax administration is working on several types of agreements for different sectors in order to assess the difference between employment and self-employment. If you are working with a tax-approved agreement model, it is clear that the work is considered an assignment and that the client is not responsible for payroll taxes and contributions. In collaboration with its member banks and in agreement with Fintechs, TCH has developed a framework agreement that banks and aggregators/fintech can use as a reference to facilitate the development of data-sharing agreements related to the API. The use of the model agreement is entirely voluntary and the agreement must be amended if circumstances warrant. In addition, the agreement model avoids taking a position on commercial terms that must be strictly negotiated between the parties. However, the agreement model provides a potential basis for common and generally accepted conditions to which both parties can refer; the need to define and negotiate the same conditions at each conclusion of a bilateral data access agreement, if they so wish. The tax office has published several types of approved agreements on its website. General and individual standard agreements are available for each sector and for the profession.

You can find them on the tax administration`s website. Panda tip: a person must be at least 18 years old to enter into contracts, otherwise he has the opportunity to completely exit an agreement.