in 2017, I was able to withdraw an overdraft of 5000 dollars, not all at the same time, but increased from 0 to 5000 with a period of 6 weeks. I have been through a lot of financial difficulties between payday loans, gambling, etc. My credit score is really low, and I`m trying to get my act together. Well, I did. I paid more than 2300 fees to Barclays. Can I complain to Barclays? some notes that I would like to reply to if possible: 1. If I complain to Barclays, can you ask to close my account? (Read this somewhere) 2. Who can I complain about? (e-mail address, etc.) 3. Is there a template letter I could use? And I would also like to verify that they have the original signed credit contract. Please speak to National Debtline on 0808 808 4000 of how to enter a claims defense. You can also post on the Legal Beagles Forum: I am now at home for a letter where I say to myself: “We will remove the daily fees you pay for your overdraft”.

The letter was published at the time the agreement was abdicated. So for all the people who are in the arrangements, it`s great because there are no more fees, but I just calculated and I paid about $700 in fees while in agreement. I just feel like they`re saying now that it`s not great to overwhelm people when they`re in trouble, but to ignore the fact that they`ve made people like me worse by charging fees before. Hello. I received a letter with 75 euros barclaycard payment of inconveniences, I searched Google to see if it was true and came to this site where people say they got a lot more. My account was sent to a collection agency more than five years ago, maybe even seven years ago. There was 6k more debt on the credit card and I have since paid $10 a month. Does anyone have any proposals for a complaint to barclays? The credit card only had a 5k limit on I`m sure.

I had a 120k mortgage and running away at the time, I had a part-time salary, so I could argue with other debts that they wouldn`t have allowed me to do that? I have absolutely no details on the account or what was calculated for what. Check out some of the comments to ask for the initial agreement – if they can`t provide it, you may not have to pay. All proposals are very welcome If they produce the agreement as I go, I would like to offer a symbolic payment of 1 euro.