If you know the steps you need to take, if you have to deal with the death of one of your tenants, you can avoid potential legal problems and help you minimize costs. Remember to be respectful of death while taking steps to protect yourself and your business. Gov. Wolf recently signed a law that eliminates the “death penalty” tenant from residential rents. In the event of a tenant`s death, the landlord must know the name of the person managing the estate in order to open the line of communication on the money owed, the removal of personal property and the return of the property to the owner. Landlords who have tenant provisions on the death penalty in their tenancy agreement should remove or amend the provisions so as not to conflict with the new law. The new law will apply to all post-oder extensions after January 2, 2017. I had a mother/daughter month by month of rent. Nothing down, not last month for rent.

Mother went and 19 years, stayed on rent to look after the mother, and stayed most of the time; But since her death, she has had to stay somewhere else. Pets seem to stay up to a point fed. ?? Can I ask your daughter to be out within the first month, when they will have paid up to the first? What if she doesn`t want to stay? If you have included a clause or endorsement in your tenancy agreement regarding the death of a tenant, you may have certain obligations. You are not responsible for the preservation or disposition of the tenant`s property. You may even have to hold on to the items until you address the tenant`s family. Be sure to see your government laws to see what you can do. In order to avoid liability issues, you should include a death clause in your tenancy agreement, such as the following: Tenant is dying. there is a relative on the property who is not on request for rent or agreement. Rent is payable for an additional 15 days (until the end of the month). Does this person have rights? Hopefully you`ll never have to deal with the death of a tenant, but if you do, there are certain steps a landlord must take to make sure everything is treated legally. Landlords can use a deceased tenant`s deposit to cover unpaid rent, damages and other costs in the tenancy agreement.