The Pathways program offers federal internships and employment opportunities for current students, graduates, and those with advanced degrees. There are three different pathways: the Recent Graduates Program offers development experience within the federal government to promote individuals who have recently graduated from qualified educational institutions or programs to promote potential careers in the public service. To be eligible, candidates must apply within two years of the completion of their diploma or certificate (with the exception of Veterans who are unable to do so due to their compulsory military service and who are up to six years after the end of their studies). Successful candidates are placed in a dynamic and developmental program, with the potential to pursue a career as a public servant within the federal government. The program lasts 1 year (unless the training requirements of the position warrant a longer and more structured training program). Here are some important provisions of the Recent Graduates Program. Learn more about the Presidential Management Fellows program. The programme provides 2-year scholarships to prominent candidates from all academic disciplines who have obtained a higher qualification degree within the last two years. Participants who have successfully completed the program can be converted into permanent employment. Site surf: The program currently provides students enrolled from high school to graduation in paid opportunities who work in federal agencies. Students who have successfully completed the program can be converted to tenure. According to the executive order, OPM has adopted a final Pathway rule for the implementation of these programs.

The final rule aims to improve recruitment efforts, provide clear avenues for federal internships for students, from high school to postgraduate school and careers for recent graduates, and provide useful training and career development opportunities for those who are at the origin of their federal service. The internship program replaces the Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) and the Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP). This program was designed to allow students enrolled in a large number of educational institutions, from high school to graduation, to work in agencies and explore federal careers while they are still in school and are paid for the work done. Students who successfully complete the program may be converted to a permanent position in the public service. For more information about the internship program, see USAJOBS. Here are some important provisions of the internship program….