So you`ve chosen at least one school where you might want to move – exciting! Your next step will be to contact a transfer counsellor at the school you may wish to visit. Transfer advisors can help you navigate each school`s unique transfer processes and take you to the most up-to-date forms and timelines. Additional questions or concerns may be directed to The agreement means that business students who change at the end of their first or second year receive full credit for their completed courses. Given the high level of business enrollment, these courses offer additional flexibility to a significant number of students. Prior knowledge in a vocational school or private institution is not eligible for transfer. Courses must be taken at a recognized post-secondary institution. If you have ever studied at a professional university or private institution, you can study Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR). I would like to transfer to Ontario Tech or Trent University Durham – International applications for the transfer of funds must include a course evaluation of The Global Education Services (WES) or the International Credential Assessment Service of Canada (ICAS). Transfer requests must be submitted before the tenth (10th) course day per semester. If you are looking for a transfer to an institution in Ontario that is not in the transfer manual, see Ontario`s Post-Secondary Transfer Guide for General Transfer Agreements to institutions across the province.

Most institutions have general transfer policies and procedures for graduates with two-year or three-year degrees. Keep your reshuffles, as institutions can ask them to complete their evaluation. As a part-time, vocational training student, you can apply for a course transfer at any time. You should first apply for and accept the professional and part-time apprenticeship program you wish to take; However, you should not register for the course you wish to be taught. COMM 1810/COMM 1888 COMM 1810/1888 Basic communication skills are not at issue for the transfer. Looking for information on how to go to Durham University? Find out how to get to Durham University. Durham College (DC) is pleased to sign the first provincial convention with the other 23 Ontario colleges that grants recognition for all previous years when a student in an economics degree program moves to the same program at another college. Please note that successful transfer applications do not result in tuition adjustments, unless you are referred part-time. Please contact financial assistance if you receive OSAP and if you have questions about the number of courses you can be taught without entering part-time status and how this might affect your funding.

Fast-track programs Students enrolled in a fast-track program are not eligible for the transfer. ONCAT was created to improve university pathways and remove barriers for students who wish to transfer between publicly funded Ontario institutions.