The tenant assumes responsibility for losses (the amount exclusively determined by the ownership of the factory studios) or damage to the studio; Equipment in commercial premises resulting from the same tenant (except for normal wear). The tenant agrees to cover the cost of repairing or repairing such losses or damage within 48 hours of a claim from Werk Studios to the tenant. (b) release and remove forever the parties released from liability for bodily harm, death, property damage or losses incurred by the tenancy for any reason, including, but not limited to, negligence (negligence and attentive person used in similar circumstances), violation of any legal obligation, infringement, fault, act, inaction or misjudgment committed by studio owners and/or staff; RELATED: The tenant agrees to obtain a signed liability authorization from all persons who will be on site before using the studio. The studio is not responsible for injuries or accidents of the tenant, tenant staff, tenants, tenants or any tenants that occur inside or outside the studio. The use of the studio is necessary in advance: ` Studio rental contract signed ` Payment of the deposit ` Waiver and sharing of responsibility signed for all persons who will be present in the studio Photocopy of Renter`s Drivers License The studio can only be used for legal commercial activities. There is absolutely no tuxedo or alcohol in the building. It is permissible to smoke outside the building. The tenant is responsible for cleaning smoke-related waste (ashes, cigarettes, etc.) before departure. The premises must be used for the purposes of a photo/video studio, including necessary activities and generally incidental to such use. The studio has the right to inspect equipment, studio and furniture at any time during the rental period. The tenant makes all necessary arrangements to allow a representative of the studio to access the devices and the studio.

In the event of a violation of one of the provisions of the tenancy agreement, the studio has the right to remove the tenant`s access to the equipment and the studio without any responsibility and without prejudice to the studio, the right to the rent due or due, including the date of withdrawal. Paperwork management should not have to take place in your daily space. Whether you`re renting studios for dance rehearsals, yoga classes, art workshops or private parties, use this free PDF model for studio rentals to immediately create official rentals.