A cleaning specification can be defined as a service specialty, that is, a document that quantifies the acceptable minimum performance standard required by a school and is generally part of the contract with the cleaning company. We can provide the right team to profile ourselves in cleaning schools or cleaning the university, as we are experts in implementation within educational institutions of all sizes. During the holidays, our cleaning specialists offer daily cleaning services as well as deep industrial cleaning programs during the holidays. We are flexible and accommodating and we can bypass the schedule of your school or university as well as your department for your site, to make sure that the cleaning format of your building is perfectly correct. “Some of the educational institutions we clean have more than 1,000 employees a day in them, so it`s important that we have thorough cleaning procedures to keep buildings, staff and students healthy and comfortable. Our cleaning methods, combined with the technologically advanced equipment we use, help keep buildings outdoors and in and create more pleasant environments for staff and students to work with. Whether we clean educational buildings or recreational facilities, we can adapt the most efficient cleaning package so that it gives truly impressive results. Your negotiating team has agreed with the Ministry of Education on a proposed settlement to renew your collective agreement. The proposed agreement applies to all schoolmasters, cleaning staff, directly employed canteen staff and online members. Including a provision and procedure for extending the scope to the basic masters. Once ratified, you will receive a full copy.

General Clauses – Mandatory general standards throughout the treaty should be defined as the Uniform Cleaning Surface Standard of the British Standards Institute (BSI). The document defines the methodology for agreeing a cleanliness standard between the contractor and the staff, i.e. the school, by defining what is meant by words as “clean, unclean, foreign, undesirable, hygienic, immaculate, etc. ” if you wish a printed copy of this agreement, we advise you to download the following PDF version. Specifications for periodic cleaning tasks – The school can use a more prescriptive approach to periodic cleaning by including entry specification clauses. For example, with the extensive use of showers in PE compartments, it is a good practice to do a thorough cleaning every six months to prevent the spread of bacteria that can form in shower areas and also meet the requirement to avoid the risk of legionella in shower heads by sterilizing them every two years.