12. A and B agree and undertake not to disclose or directly or indirectly disclose or transmit to third parties any trade or commercial secrets or other secret or confidential information concerning the affairs, business or transactions of the other entity or its customers or customers that may be disclosed, disclosed by them or by the company or acquired by them. It addresses many key issues that the company could face in the future and clarifies what, when and how shareholders must act to enable the proper management of the business. After contact, your request to file a shareholder contract will be received and our representative will contact you to submit your application. If we need more information from your end, we will call you if necessary. After receiving all your data, our lawyers and in-house legal experts establish the draft shareholder contract and send it within 2-4 working days for advice. This organization is made up of experienced lawyers who use their expertise to design your shareholder`s contract, which covers all legal requirements and the needs of the parties. The experience and knowledge of our experts can help you include clauses in the agreement that must effectively describe the relationship between the parties and the company and avoid confusion or difficulty in the future. Certain rules must be incorporated into a shareholders` pact in India to protect the interests of shareholders with respect to the transfer and sale of shares.

Such rules would ensure that such a sale or transfer would only take place after the mutual agreement of the associated parties. An agreement on shareholder rights and obligations, the transfer of shares, how the company is managed and how important decisions must be made. A shareholder`s agreement is only a contract that determines the relationship between the shareholders of a company or company. An Agreement of India`s shareholders includes rights and obligations, the relocation of shares, the operation of the company, and the manner in which judgments and decisive decisions are taken.