The Agreement provides for prompt and detailed notification of all provisional or definitive anti-dumping measures to a Committee on Anti-Dumping Practices. The agreement provides the parties with an opportunity to consult on all matters related to the implementation of the agreement or the promotion of its objectives and to request the establishment of dispute review bodies. The GATT dispute settlement system is generally regarded as one of the cornerstones of the multilateral trade order. The system has already been strengthened and streamlined by ongoing reforms. Disputes currently under consideration by the Council are subject to these new rules, which provide for greater automaticity in decisions on the establishment, mandate and composition of bodies, so that such decisions no longer depend on the agreement of the parties to the dispute. The Uruguay Round Agreement on Dispute Settlement Rules and Procedures (DSU) will further significantly strengthen the existing system and extend the increased automaticity agreed at the mid-term review to the acceptance of panel results and a new Appellate Body. In addition, the DSU will establish an integrated system allowing WTO members to base their claims on one of the multilateral trade agreements contained in the annexes to the agreement establishing the WTO. To this end, a Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) exercises the powers of the General Council and the councils and committees of the covered agreements. An important broadening of the scope of a trade liberalization agreement was the inclusion of IPRs (IPRs) in the Uruguay Round debate. Intellectual property rights include the protection of written materials (copyrights), inventions (patents), trademarks and logos (trademarks). Most countries have established monopoly rules for this type of creation, in order to promote the creation of new writings and inventions and to protect investments in the creation of trademarks. However, many of these safeguards have been applied unevenly around the world, resulting in a considerable amount of counterfeiting and piracy.

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