When it comes to commenting on a player who doesn`t warrant a tender, is there a certain set of rules that a team must comply with in order to issue a tender to a player legally allowed to play in the USHL? Are there resources for the operation of the tendering system? I`m just curious if this is just a method a team could use (if the player is still ready) to completely bypass the draft process for one or two picks? Let`s say you sign a tender with a NA3HL team, but you have the ambition to play for the NAHL this season. You can always try for each animal 1 and team 2 you want. You can even participate in tryouts for a USPHL team or an EHL team. You can`t try or skate with another NA3HL team. Being put in competition by one league doesn`t mean your options are closed in other leagues. It should be noted that the USHL only allows two tenders, and if a team uses one, it loses a 1st round draft pick. If they use two, they lose both a 1st and a 2nd round pick in their league draft. Unlike the other leagues mentioned above, the USPHL and EHL essentially only give you one contract for their team within their league. Again, this doesn`t mean you can`t play in another league, but you are owned by that team within that league if you sign with them. As with a tender, you can move up in ranks and don`t just get attached to your team or league.