You can protect yourself and your business by including the above clauses in an EULA and making sure your users are confronted with them before installing or downloading your desktop or mobile app. 6. General conditions of access to the game and provision of features to users 1. The provision of access to the Game and features to the User under this License Agreement is subject to the condition that the User becomes familiar with this License Agreement and its appendices in the order set out in clause 2 of this License Agreement and acknowledges that he/she accepts. 2. The User will have access to the Game within the limits and restrictions set out in this License Agreement and its Annexes. 3. The User must pay for the Functions in the order prescribed in this License Agreement and its Annexes. 4. The User pays for the features by spending money on the Administrator`s website, in the social network store or in the mobile platform store (Google Play and/or App Store).

The remaining amount to be paid will be determined within the limits set by the chosen payment method. Each function is considered paid from the moment the administrator receives a payment confirmation from the system used to complete the transaction. 5. Once the credit of the money for the payment of the functions of the administrator has been confirmed, the user account will in turn be credited with the currency of the game in the amount corresponding to the money paid. In-game currency is a standard unit used in the game to assign value to various features and functions available to the user in the game. .